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with Who?

Josef Who? studied architecture in Vienna and Berlin. After specializing in the spatiality of digital games, he became a level designer at the Vienna-based indie workshop Broken Rules. At the same time, he took up curatorial work for the gaming events collective zamSpielen. For several years now, he has also been an organizational member of SUBOTRON and has taught at Austrian educational institutions. He has developed and released numerous games over the years with a variety of cooperation partners – from indie games to sociocritical and experimental games or exhibition games / interactive media art installations. Josef Who? is presenting his project collaborations and his work as games curator for zamSpielen, some in playable form, some as documentary material.

HTL Spengergasse

The five-year professional training in Game Design at the HTL Spengergasse offers insight into the different processes involved in developing a game. Various aspects must be considered for successful game development, such as design, technology, and psychology, as well as the related fundamentals. The main curriculum areas are: fine arts, computer sciences, game programming, digital arts, character design, game design, game theory, and project management.

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