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Respawn eSports Bar

As Austria’s first and only e-sports bar, Respawn associates gaming with going out. Since its opening in June 2016, the bar has quickly established itself as a home base for the local scene and a venue for international events. Taking place daily in the bar are competitions and also the live broadcasting of e-sports events like League of Legends, Data 2, CS:GO, and many more. Special highlights are public showings like The International or the League of Legends Worlds.

Broken Rules

Since 2009, Broken Rules has been developing unusual computer games which captivate with their unique artistic style and with themes that go far beyond common game clichés. In the current project Old Man’s Journey, for example, players experience the moving life story of an elderly man. The team working with Felix Bohatsch, Clemens Scott, Jan Hackl, Peter Vorlaufer, and Martin Pichlmair has won many international prizes with its games, which have been released on iOS, PC, Nintendo, and Android platforms.

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