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PLAY AUSTRIA 1.5 am 28.11.20

Playtesting of games and prototypes made in Austria! What have studios, student projects and hobbyists been cooking in their laboratories in the very special year 2020? With all given precaution, you can safely playtest it here!


Series on the Practice of Digital Games 2020

Saturday 28.November 20 13:00- 21:00

SUBOTRON pro games


WEST, Stollgasse 17 / Ecke Neubaugürtel, 1070 Vienna

Please note: Limited access! Participation with registration for time slots only!
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Free entry!

Since PLAY AUSTRIA, our fair of the Austrian games scene, ist postponed, we still present an annual overview of what´s cooking in local developer laboratories.

In the last ten years, the games industry in Austria has experienced strong growth. The number of companies has multiplied, and the diversity and degree of specialization of the companies have continually grown. Small businesses and midsize companies have the opportunity to develop and market their games projects fully independently. The local industry is broadened by young, successful enterprises, whose founders are often lateral entrants from other industries or which have emerged from student projects. Recruited from this setting is the next generation of game developers, which has become more broad and dynamic in recent years thanks to the well-developed funding landscape and the continually improving economic framework.

What are these creators working on at the moment? Which milestones did they achieve during the last months? What´s their opinion on current trends? Get in touch with the local game dev scene, play with their ideas and ask them everything about their work and life.

An introduction of the participating games & projects follows soon!

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Broken Rules

Broken Rules zeigen ihr aktuelles Projekt „Old Man’s Journey“, die bewegte Lebensgeschichte eines alten Mannes und weitere Spiele aus ihrem umfangreichen Portfolio.

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