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Weaving Tides

As a boy riding on a weaver, the player flies through an utterly woven world. This world is torn open in many places and is in danger of collapse. The weavers are a blend of stingray and dragon with an endless, ribbon-like tail. Through the artfully woven flight of the weaver, the gamer can reconnect torn spots and thus protect the world and its inhabitants from imminent decline. The team, comprised of Verena Demel, Klaus Fehkührer, Michael Huber, and Sebastian Rangger, have previously worked on NIVA and YoKaisho.

HTL Spengergasse

The five-year professional training in Game Design at the HTL Spengergasse offers insight into the different processes involved in developing a game. Various aspects must be considered for successful game development, such as design, technology, and psychology, as well as the related fundamentals. The main curriculum areas are: fine arts, computer sciences, game programming, digital arts, character design, game design, game theory, and project management.

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