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Waltzing Atoms

Waltzing Atoms aims to playfully spark an interest in the natural sciences in youth. The app of the same name for chemistry, supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, is already being used in 270 schools. At PLAY AUSTRIA, there will be a world premiere: the new, mobile multiplayer game for classes called Waltzing Numbers will be tested live. In the game, the entire class must solve a puzzle of logic by working together. The boundaries between the digital and real worlds become blurred, and mathematics suddenly becomes enthralling.

Lost in the Garden

Lost in the Garden develops games and interactive applications. The company was founded in early 2016 in conjunction with the development of the futuristic racing game LIGHTFIELD, which will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. United in the four-person team of founders (Matthias Maschek, Julia Murczek, Raimund Schumacher, Simon Wallner) is long-standing experience in the visual, interactive, and technical domain, as well as an interest in jointly working on new and interesting projects.

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