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Pushout is a platform game where the players have to thrust each other out of the playing field. Good reaction time and foresight are necessary in order to deal with the slippery platforms. Even experienced gamers make mistakes here, so Pushout is fun for everyone, for players and onlookers alike. Pushout was developed by Simon Reiser, a young HTL graduate in computer science.

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Our goals, our projects and our visions change over time, either driven by our decisions or by others. Many of these changes are too important to apply the same old solutions to a new challenge– we get stuck, or we simply don’t get the impact we want. At Playful Solutions we have the creative tools and methods for you to take on your challenges in a new and inspiring way! Our solutions use playful and targeted approaches to concept design, process support and product development. By combining groundbreaking game design techniques and coaching methods with an entrepreneurial mindset we deliver custom-made playful solutions! Our own purpose: to fuel the innovative resources of organizations and to co-create playful solutions that matter.

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