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Giggly Mill Productions

Since its founding in the year 2012, Giggly Mill Productions has mainly stood for physics-based games in the Android universe. The focus of development is placed on producing independent concepts and ideas; copies of already widely disseminated game mechanics and processes are not part of the concept. Of course games should be attractive to the players, but in the ideal case they will also prove enjoyable and interesting during the development phase.

Donau-Universität Krems

The Center for Applied Game Studies is concerned with issues related to the transfer of current research results in the field of interactive visual media to professional practice. Special consideration is given to applications in media and game design as well as education and training. The range of courses includes the master’s programmes Game Studies, Transmedia Design & Gamification, Action-Oriented Media Education, MediaGameEducation, and Game Based Media & Education. Furthermore, the Center boasts an extensive research and development branch.

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