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Kategorie: Game Development

Waltzing Atoms

Waltzing Atoms aims to playfully spark an interest in the natural sciences in youth. The app of the same name for chemistry, supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, is already being used in 270 schools. At PLAY AUSTRIA, there will be a world premiere: the new, mobile multiplayer game for classes called Waltzing Numbers will be tested live. In the game, the entire class must solve a puzzle of logic by working together. The boundaries between the digital and real worlds become blurred, and mathematics suddenly becomes enthralling.

Weaving Tides

As a boy riding on a weaver, the player flies through an utterly woven world. This world is torn open in many places and is in danger of collapse. The weavers are a blend of stingray and dragon with an endless, ribbon-like tail. Through the artfully woven flight of the weaver, the gamer can reconnect torn spots and thus protect the world and its inhabitants from imminent decline. The team, comprised of Verena Demel, Klaus Fehkührer, Michael Huber, and Sebastian Rangger, have previously worked on NIVA and YoKaisho.


WIDESHOT is a design studio whose work navigates built architecture and virtual worlds. The portfolio of the studio is broadly diversified – including video games, motion pictures, theme parks, and toy manufacturers – and distinguishes WIDESHOT as experts for all kinds of entertainment design. WIDESHOT was founded in 2010 and now has a team of twenty-two employees. In addition to many other activities, the company has successfully worked on projects like Independence Day: Resurgence, Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Max Payne III, and 2012.

with Who?

Josef Who? studied architecture in Vienna and Berlin. After specializing in the spatiality of digital games, he became a level designer at the Vienna-based indie workshop Broken Rules. At the same time, he took up curatorial work for the gaming events collective zamSpielen. For several years now, he has also been an organizational member of SUBOTRON and has taught at Austrian educational institutions. He has developed and released numerous games over the years with a variety of cooperation partners – from indie games to sociocritical and experimental games or exhibition games / interactive media art installations. Josef Who? is presenting his project collaborations and his work as games curator for zamSpielen, some in playable form, some as documentary material.

Zeppelin Studio

Zeppelin Studio was founded in Vienna by two students of the beautiful art of game engineering in the year 2013. With their award-winning pilot project Schein as a stepping stone, they have succeeded in establishing themselves in the international games industry. The company is focused on games with substance, where story, gameplay, art, and sound are harmoniously interwoven.

Broken Rules

Since 2009, Broken Rules has been developing unusual computer games which captivate with their unique artistic style and with themes that go far beyond common game clichés. In the current project Old Man’s Journey, for example, players experience the moving life story of an elderly man. The team working with Felix Bohatsch, Clemens Scott, Jan Hackl, Peter Vorlaufer, and Martin Pichlmair has won many international prizes with its games, which have been released on iOS, PC, Nintendo, and Android platforms.

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