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Kategorie: Game Development

Giggly Mill Productions

Since its founding in the year 2012, Giggly Mill Productions has mainly stood for physics-based games in the Android universe. The focus of development is placed on producing independent concepts and ideas; copies of already widely disseminated game mechanics and processes are not part of the concept. Of course games should be attractive to the players, but in the ideal case they will also prove enjoyable and interesting during the development phase. is an online platform devoted to ranking lists in computer games. It offers a simple, quick, and cost-free solution to integrating high scores in games, with the aim of enhancing replay value and soliciting new users for the game. The platform is independent and the API can be applied to all established systems and game engines

gold extra

The Austrian artists’ group gold extra produces, curates, and initiates projects in the interstitial spaces between game, performance, and hybrid media. gold extra is a network of artists, including visual artists, directors, programmers, and performers. The idea gives rise to the format – a constant researching of innovative artistic forms of expression plays a key role in the artistic work of gold extra.

Goliath VR

Goliath VR is a local multiplayer VR game that offers one player the opportunity to use the body of another player as an expanded level. Goliath and David are both trapped in a lava cave and must work together in order to escape. Therefore, Goliath must make his body available as bridges and platforms, so that David can safely reach the keys needed to open the gate to freedom.


INEO is a virtual reality game developed by and for senior citizens. Assuming the role of an astronaut, the players must skilfully move through the space station and activate their launch capsule, which will bring them back down to earth. The game is designed to introduce this target group to modern technology. INEO provides seniors with an opportunity to engage in experiences that are no longer feasible for them in the real world.


Christian Baumgartner, aka jcstranger, is an independent game developer from Vienna. After having worked as a game designer in various game workshops over the course of several years, he started his own business in mid-2014 in order to fine-tune his own creations. In early 2015, his debut work, Psych, was released. With over two million downloads and worldwide app store featuring, Psych was a major success. At present, jcstranger is working on a secret project which he will present for the first time at the PLAY AUSTRIA games fair.

Klemens Strasser

Klemens Strasser from Voitsberg is a computer science student in the master’s programme at Graz University of Technology. In 2014, he started developing games on the side for various Apple platforms. The whole thing began with the quiz game Elementary Minute, which was distinguished by the Apple Design Award in the student category in 2015. Last year, the puzzle game Asymmetric entered the App Store, and soon his third game, Subwords, will follow.


Lares is an action adventure game with puzzle elements. Character design, colour theory, artificial intelligence, procedural generation, and emergent puzzle design all contributed to the game’s overall design.


Locked-IN is the prototype of a first-person action puzzle game for HTC Vive. Gamers become immersed in a virtual world and must save the non-player characters (NPC) trapped there. They use lasers to protect themselves against the bugs that are destabilizing the system.

Lost in the Garden

Lost in the Garden develops games and interactive applications. The company was founded in early 2016 in conjunction with the development of the futuristic racing game LIGHTFIELD, which will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. United in the four-person team of founders (Matthias Maschek, Julia Murczek, Raimund Schumacher, Simon Wallner) is long-standing experience in the visual, interactive, and technical domain, as well as an interest in jointly working on new and interesting projects.

Broken Rules

Since 2009, Broken Rules has been developing unusual computer games which captivate with their unique artistic style and with themes that go far beyond common game clichés. In the current project Old Man’s Journey, for example, players experience the moving life story of an elderly man. The team working with Felix Bohatsch, Clemens Scott, Jan Hackl, Peter Vorlaufer, and Martin Pichlmair has won many international prizes with its games, which have been released on iOS, PC, Nintendo, and Android platforms.

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